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Is it Better to Get A Dental Implant or a Bridge?

When deciding on a restorative solution it is important to look at all of your options to help you decide on the best option that works for you. A common question patients face is if they should choose a dental bridge or dental implants when they are looking for a tooth replacement solution. Both are

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When Should a Person Switch Dentists?

Switching dentists can be a hard decision, but patients need to make a change if they notice things aren’t working out with the current practice. Knowing when to make the move can be hard, but there are some tips you can follow to help you find your new dental office or dental clinic in the

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Can Dental Cleanings Damage Enamel?

Dental cleanings are integral part of our oral health, and are typically recommended twice a year. Keeping our teeth and gums free and clear of harmful bacteria is important. At Precision Smiles, our team is proud to offer general dental treatments like dental cleanings in Frisco, TX. We strive to provide quality services for our

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What is the Difference Between Dental Implants & Veneers?

Dental Veneers and Dental Implants both can give patients a beautiful white smile. Deciding what restorative or cosmetic option works best for you depends on the condition of your teeth. Our staff at Precision Smiles in Frisco, TX provides cosmetic and restorative consultations to all our patients to take a detailed look at your mouth

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What Are Braces

What Are The Different Types of Dental Braces?

Dental braces offer many orthodontic & aesthetic benefits and continue to benefit the lives of many people year after year.  However, many patients will often ask us what the differences are between each of the different types of dental braces. In this article, Dr. Shai Patel will explores what distinguishes braces from each other and

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What’s Better: Invisalign or Metal Braces?

When your teeth are crowded, crooked, unevenly spaced or misaligned, you may not feel good about the way that you look. Likewise, trying to floss between crowded and crooked teeth can be next to impossible. This is why many are choosing to go with orthodontic treatment as a way to straighten their smile and improve

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Dental Implants Have Been Used For Years

What Can You Not Eat After Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been used for years by patients who need to replace one or more teeth in their mouth. If you’re missing a tooth, you might find that you just don’t the way that your smile looks. Likewise, you may be having issues with how your teeth are able to function, especially if you’re

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Teeth Cleaning

Dental Hygiene: All About Scaling

The formation of dental plaque is completely natural and does not result from any dental problem. However, it should be eliminated with effective toothbrushing, at least twice a day, and not to ignore the annual visit to the dentist.

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