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What are Braces?

Braces utilize traditional metal brackets and wiring to effective straighten your smile. Braces are one of the most commonly used orthodontic appliances. This orthodontic treatment option can be helpful for patients with crowded, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. Our goal is to provide you or your loved one with orthodontic treatment that fits your needs perfectly.

Why are Braces needed?

You might benefit from having braces applied if your teeth are crooked, crowded, misaligned or unevenly spaced. Not only are these orthodontic problems detrimental to your confidence, but they can be a problem when it comes to your oral health. It can be difficult or even impossible to keep crowded and crooked teeth clean simply because you’re unable to floss between them. Orthodontic care using braces can be a great way to realign your smile and improve your dental health.

What Are Braces
Why Are Braces Needed

Who is a candidate for Braces?

Every one of our patients who has orthodontic problems, like crowding and misalignment, can benefit from braces. There is absolutely no age limit when it comes to receiving orthodontic care. We recommend that parents bring their children in for their first orthodontic consultation around ages seven or eight. For adults, you may be looking for a way to straighten your teeth or even want to come in for retreatment.

What can be expected during treatment using Braces?

The process begins with a complete consultation. This involves an examination, x-rays and impressions. We want to get to know both you and your smile. We then construct a personalized treatment plan just for you. For treatment using braces, we will apply metal brackets to the front of your teeth. A thin metal wire is then placed over these brackets and kept in place with a small rubber band. You will come into the office every few weeks to have the wire adjusted as your teeth begin to shift. You can expect treatment to be finished in about one to three years depending on your needs.

If you’d like to call our office to learn more about braces, contact us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members. Our one-on-one approach to care and low office wait times can benefit your entire family’s dental experience.